Our mission at blissmo is to promote products that are safer, healthier, and better for people & planet. From increased rates of cancer and diabetes to climate change, it has become clear that the products we put in us, on us, and around us - and the way those products are sourced, manufactured, and delivered - is causing us all real harm.

blissmo is focusing on introducing shoppers who want the best for themselves, their families, their communities & our planet to high quality organic, non-toxic & eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products.

Here is a short video on the power we have as consumers:

Video Credit Sean Hewens, Founder of Smallbean. Music Credit Sonia Rao. Thank you both!

How exactly does buying organic & sustainable products help you?
Besides that organic & sustainable products are usually better for your health (fewer or no toxins, fewer or no cancer-causing ingredients, etc.), by voting organic & sustainable with our dollars we can shift mainstream demand towards healthier, safer & better products -- and live healthier lives, help ensure clean air and water, and do our part in giving our children the future they deserve.

The need to shift towards healthier, more sustainable consumption is real. The United Nations recently warned that "continued failure to tackle climate change was putting at risk decades of progress in improving the lives of the world's poorest people" -- which we all know affects us no matter where we live. Both governments and businesses are committing substantial resources to addressing these issues, and they make a great case for the why; a few relevant links:

US EPA site on Climate Change
Wal-Mart's (yes, Wal-Mart's!) Sustainability Page
Starbucks on Tackling Climate Change
Plan A from Marks & Spencer

You've probably heard of the movie "InconvenientĀ Truth"; though you might not entirely agree with the conclusions, their site -- Climate Crisis -- has a wealth of information. This is a non-partisan issue, with both Republicans and Democrats talking about the need for legislation that protects our families and our communities from the negative externalities of environmental degradation -- but the strongest votes we make are those of our dollars, and so change begins with each of us in the products & services we buy everyday.

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