At blissmo, we work with expert curators, leverage resources including the EWG "Skin Deep" database on the safety of cosmetics, and otherwise do our research to introduce you to exceptional products that are safer, healthier & better than conventional alternatives. What does that mean? Think products from brands like:

If you know these brands, you probably love these brands because the quality of their products is outstanding - and their products are safer, healthier & better for you, your family & your planet.

What do we mean by "safer, healthier & better"?

When evaluating a product, we look at several factors including:

  • Organic. You hear the word a lot but what does it mean? Organic means produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, GMOs, solvents or additives. This is not only important for what you eat but what you put on you and around you (after all, your skin absorbs most of what you put on it).

  • Low (or No!) Chemical/Toxin Content. There are a lot of chemicals in conventional products these days. Some are toxic and known to harm humans at certain quantities, but are included in products in trace amounts deemed to be harmless - to give products a certain smell or extend shelf life. We don't know the long term effects of trace amounts, however as we are learning with BPA sometimes we think a chemical to be "safe" when it is not. We seek out products that are awesome without the additives; learn more in our glossary.

  • Money (And Environment!) Saving. Sure BPA-free water bottles, energy-saving power strips and solar flashlights are better for the environment, but they also save YOU some money.

  • Eco-friendly or Sustainable. Every product we buy is a vote of endorsement for the way that product was sourced, manufactured and delivered. It's time we started voting in favor of our water, our air, and our communities (they need our help) so we seek products that have been produced in a people & planet positive way.

  • People & Community Positive. Occasionally we'll come across a product that might not be organic or eco-friendly, but has a unique, compelling story and serves a people or community that we think you'll enjoy discovering (and using).

We don't verify products as "organic" or "eco-friendly" ourselves, but rather look for third-party certifications when available, or for companies that have a people & planet positive approach in their DNA. Further, we look for products that have strong "social-proof" (e.g., featured by Oprah), and a passionate community of customers. Finally, we dig into the stories people behind the products and look to promote companies with strong values and a sense of mission so you can connect with the 'why' behind what you buy.

We're finally at a point where products from soap to toothpaste to body lotion have alternatives that are higher in quality, lower in toxicity and chemicals, and all around better for us, our families and our planet than conventional alternatives. We research and seek out these products so you don't have to. With blissmo, discover what's better.

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