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Looking for an efficient way to reach your target demographic? We’ve got two options:

the blissmobox — Are product trials the way to get new customers? The blissmobox delivers your products straight to the hands of your target market

  • we close the loop to get valuable product feedback and customer data through a customized report
  • highly qualified subscribers who pay to discover curated products
  • no out of pocket costs to participate flash sale — Have a dedicated email highlighting your brand sent to >125k organic & eco-minded shoppers

  • 1M+ brand impressions are generated through social media platforms and our partnership with Care2
  • broadcast your brand's story & credentials to the shoppers who want to hear it
  • no out-of-pocket cost to participate

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highly-active, emotionally-engaged shoppers who are willing to pay for products that are better for themselves, their family, and their planet.

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