Welcome! Discover exceptional organic, non-toxic & eco products that are safer, healthier and better than conventional alternatives with blissmo.

How it works: Each month blissmo delivers a curated blissmobox to your door packed with a selection of health conscious products. We also offer individual boxes as perfect gifts for friends & family.

Why do we do this? We want to use products that are better & safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet, but realized it difficult to know where to find these products or if they were truly safer. Basically, we'd go shopping and this was us:

We figured others had the same frustration so set out to help health-minded and earth-minded shoppers discover what's better.

Our roots: blissmo was started by social entrepreneurs with backgrounds at the following companies:


For more on us learn about our mission or visit our FAQ. If you’re a business ready to apply to blissmo, click here. For general questions or comments, please email us at hi (at) blissmo or call (877) 748-1703, or send us a postcard:

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